With reference to our letter dated 21 May 2020, ABR Holdings Limited (“the Company”) will convene its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) by way of electronic means on
12 June 2020 (Friday) at 10.00 am.

Shareholders are NOT ABLE TO attend the AGM in person.

Shareholders are able to:

(1) Observe the AGM proceeding through a live audio-visual webcast;

(2) Listen to the AGM proceedings through a live audio-only feed;

(3) Submit question(s) to the Board and/or Management related to the resolutions to be tabled for approval at the AGM in advance; and

(4) Vote by submitting their proxy form and appoint the “Chairman of the Meeting” as their proxy.

Compulsory Pre-Registration to Remotely Observe the AGM Proceedings

Shareholders are required to pre-register by submitting this form by 10.00 am on 9 June 2020 to enable the Company to verify their status as shareholders. Upon verification, authenticated shareholders will receive an email by 5.00 pm on 10 June 2020.

The email will contain the user ID and password, as well as the details to access to the live audio-video webcast or live audio-only feed of the AGM proceedings.

Shareholders who have registered by 10.00 am on 9 June 2020 but have not received the email by 5.00 pm on 10 June 2020, should contact the Company at:

(1) Phone 6786 2866, or

(2) Email to agm2020@abr.com.sg

Following are related documents (links) for your reference and perusal:

Sorry, our pre-registration has ended from 10.00 am on 9 June 2020.