Board of Directors

  • Chua Tiang Choon, Keith

    Executive Chairman

    Mr Keith Chua was appointed as the Non-Executive Chairman on 28 March 2002 and has served as the Executive Chairman of the Group since 1 August 2004. He is also a member of the Nominating Committee.

    Mr Chua is presently also the Managing Director and Company Secretary of Kechapi Pte Ltd, a substantial shareholder of the Company. He is also the Managing Director of the Alby group of companies in Singapore and Australia for the past 20 years. Mr Chua serves on the boards of a number of private and unlisted companies in Singapore.

    He is a substantial shareholder of the Company through his deemed interests in Kechapi Pte Ltd and Alby (Private) Limited. Mr Chua was last re-elected as a director on 24 April 2017.